About Visual MN

At Visual MN we seek to inspire, connect and help our fellow Visual Storytellers grow as individual and collective journalists in any and all mediums and subject matter, all around the North State State (and beyond). We believe that we are stronger together.

Code of Ethics

As members of Visual MN, we agree to the following code of ethics while working professionally:


  • Altering the content of documentary works (photographs, multimedia and video) through technology is prohibited. This policy does not apply to improving the technical quality of a visual product; it’s acceptable to dodge and/or burn areas and to correct technical defects in a photo (such as minor dust spots) as long as the work’s content is not changed.
  • Documentary works are never “set up” or “staged” (does not apply to studio work or stylized portrait pieces). The visual journalist never intentionally changes or the influences the environment or events.
  • The visual journalist seeks to authentically tell the story as it unfolds; not to enter a situation with stereotypes or preconceived notions about what the story will be.
  • Subjects and fellow journalists will be treated with respect and dignity at all times and in all situations.



President – Hannah Foslien, Freelance

Vice President – Andrew Link, Rochester Post Bulletin

New Member Outreach and Conference Chair – Tom Baker, Freelance

Conference Planner – Leila Navidi, Star Tribune

Conference Planner – Jules Ameel, Freelance

Social Media Coordinator – Aaron Lavinsky, Star Tribune

Education Outreach – Stephen Geffre, Augsburg College

Artist Spotlight Feature Contributor – Courtney Perry, Freelance